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Our goal is to provide top quality products and service to every part-time or full-time, amateur and professional racer. 

Drag Car Parachutes, Seatbelts, and Driving Suits in Choctaw, Oklahoma

Satisfy all your safety needs with dependable racing products including drag car parachutes, seatbelts, and fire suits offered to you by                      White Safety Equipment.

In racing, stopping is just as important as racing down the track at top speed. White Safety Equipment offers drag car chutes in a wide range of sizes, suitable for the speed, weight and class of your particular vehicle to bring you both to a safe standstill.  

Cars, Fire Suits in Choctaw, OK

American made our seatbelts are available in latch and link or cam lock varieties. Our seatbelt categories each have three styles: wrap-around, bolt-in, or flip-in. As race cars are typically built from the ground up, the choice of seatbelt depends on the preference of the vehicle's driver/maintainer.

Driving Suits & Wearables
In the event of an unexpected explosion, a fire suit will not only protect you, but has the potential to save your life.  We currently offer two options; the 32A1 fire suit for drivers that run cars at speeds less than 135 MPH, and the 32A5 for drivers that run cars at speeds greater than 135 MPH.  

Car Accessories
Our current car accessories product includes door restraints, ready-made standard angle and rectangular as well as custom order window nets, roll cage padding and seat pads. For all custom order accessories, please call and discuss your project with us to insure a successful built to spec outcome.



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